Waste Stream Assessment


DoxicomGlobal’s waste stream assessment and consulting services include:



Waste Stream Cost Analysis

  • Identify Areas where you can see the most savings
  • We show you how your business can earn more for the materials you currently recycle
  • Create waste hauling cost reduction strategies

Carbon Footprint Assessment Services

  • Accurate measurement of your Greenhouse Gas Footprint
  • Analysis of your company’s carbon footprint as compared to similar competitor(s) in your industry.
  • Regular monitoring of your progress towards Zero Waste
  • Third Party Validation


Core Environmental Assessment Services

  • Air Quality (Title V, MACT, Air Emissions, GHC, VOC, and HAPS stack emissions)
  • Water (NPDES, POTW, RCRA, Tier II, TRI, SPDCCC, SWPPP, and Industrial Treatment)
  • Land (RCRA). Environmental Site Assessments

DoxicomGlobal is GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Certified for International Sustainability Reporting.



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