Ready. Set. Green.

Why should your business go green?

Obviously, there are numerous ideals about saving the planet, but what does that really mean? At the end of the day, we have an increasing number of people consuming an finite number of resources. In short, going green or saving the planet is about taking actions today to ensure future generations have access to these same natural resources.

According to a report by the US Green Building Council, buildings consume 40% of raw materials, 39% of energy and 14% of potable water in the United States, which translates to 3 billions of raw materials and 15 trillion gallons of water each year in the United States alone!

After reading the above statistics, you can clearly see the impact we are having on our environment.

How can your business help make the world a little greener?

You can help reduce waste, conserve resources, improve both air and water quality as well as, protect our earth’s fragile ecosystems and preserve global biodiversity simply by thinking green and creating actionable strategies that include green practices for your business.

Did you know that saving the planet can also save you money and improve workforce morale?

It’s true, implementing green business practices, helps to reduce your overall energy consumption thusly reducing your energy costs. And, according to a 2006 study by theUniversity of California’s, Center of the Built Environment, green office buildings improve productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Ready to find out more on how your business can go green?

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