Chairman’s Corner

We are drowning in Waste. 448 million tons of plastics was produced in 2015. The great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean is a massive swirling vortex. It is twice the size of Texas, 617,800 square miles. Coca Cola said they produce 128 billion plastic bottles each year. 100 million sea mammals are killed each year.

Just imagine what this waste is doing to you and your loved ones? These problem must be addressed today. Call today to become a greengooroo and help us win the battle against waste. 731-736-1291.

We are the Greengooroos. Our goal is to recycle, reuse and repurpose everything we produce to eliminate waste. Call today to become a greengooroo or get additional details 731-736-1291.

If you are sending waste to landfills and have tried everything to get to “zero” while saving money, but have been unsuccessful, call us, DoxicomGlobal 731-736-1291.  Whatever your waste stream consists of, we can help. We manage your entire waste stream. Call us for details. Oh yes, ask about our Sherlock Holmes program.